Days of the Dead

Oct 28 - Nov 2, 2024

Learn Spanish and experience the Days of the Dead in the small village of San Andrés Huayapam, Oaxaca.

449 USD

per person, includes:

15 hours group classes (9am-12pm, M-F)

Max. 3 students per group.

Make the Altar de Muertos

A hands-on Muertos experience

Join the village's Comparsa party

Dance and celebrate like a local

Mole & Mezcal Lunch

Enjoy this Oaxacan favorite and hang out with teachers and students

Visit to the local cemetery

A quiet experience away from the crowds

Tamales, hot chocolate & Oaxacan coffee

Sample these delicious Oaxacan staples


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Where is San Andrés Huayapam?  

San Andrés Huayapam is a small traditional town that is only 25 minutes from Oaxaca City by car, and 35 minutes by bus.

What can I do in San Andrés Huayapam?

Huayapam is a quiet place where you can breathe fresh air, go for a walk, and experience a small Mexican village. There are traditional Oaxacan food restaurants, small food stores, hiking trails in the mountains, a park with bike rentals, a pool and green areas; and a couple of places to have dinner and drinks in the afternoon and evenings.

How do I get to San Andrés Huayapam from the airport or bus Station ?
  • From the Oaxaca International Airport: it is best to take a yellow taxi cab to Huayapam; they are not readily available inside the airport, but you can text us when you arrive so we can send one to pick you up.
  • From the ADO First Class Bus Station: you can take a yellow taxi cab; they are readily available at the bus station.
Is there public transportation between Huayapam and Oaxaca City?

Yes, you can take a bus, taxi colectivo, or yellow taxi cab to San Andrés Huayapam.

The buses are white, and have a sign with the name of the village above the windshield. The colectivos are a dark red & white color with the name on the windshield too. The buses and taxis colectivos cost 15-20 pesos. A yellow taxi cab costs around 150-200 pesos.

You can see in the following map that, close to downtown Oaxaca, along the main highway called "Periférico", there are quite a number of bus/taxi colectivo stops, some of which are marked with dark pink circles along the pink route:

When you get to Huayapam, you get off the bus or taxi colectivo at the bus stop behind the village's yellow church:

From the bus stop you can easily walk to our school:

Do you recommend staying in Huayapam?

Yes, if you want to get away from the tourist crowds, to avoid hearing/speaking English, and if you won't miss the amenities of a city, we highly recommend staying in Huayapam!

What accommodation options are there in Huayapam?

There is a hotel with a pool and there are also quite a few options for houses, apartments, rooms and cabins registered on Airbnb.

Can I rent a car during my stay?

Yes, you can rent a car at the airport. It's a good option if you're staying in Huayapam and want to visit Oaxaca City frequently, or other interesting villages.

Read our students' comments on Google Maps and Tripadvisor :